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In my cave (2018)
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With other lecturers at IAPR/IEEE Winter School on Biometrics in Shenzhen, China (2018)
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Accenture seminar on face biometrics (2017)
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TV interview in Argentina (2017)
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Some of my students (left to right): R. Tolosana, E. Gonzalez, A. Acien, J. Hernandez, R. Vera (2017)
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Award from Cristina Cifuentes, President of the Community of Madrid (2016)
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Two of my students (left to right): M. Gomez (EAB 2015 awardee) and E. Gonzalez (2015)
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Biometrics security, prime time appearance and lab visit in national news (Telecinco) (2014)
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Two of my students (left to right): P. Tome and M. Martinez (EAB 2014 awardee) (2014)
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TABULA RASA session with research collaborators at ICB, project featured in Euronews (2013)
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BBfor2 team (FP7 Marie Curie ITN) at UAM (2012)
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Biometrics for forensics, prime time appearance in national news (TVE) (2011)

Associate Professor
(Full Prof. Accreditation)

School School of Engineering | UAM Univ. Autonoma de Madrid
phone +34 91497 6205 | email julian.fierrez@uam.es

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Julian FIERREZ received the MSc and the PhD degrees in telecommunications engineering from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain, in 2001 and 2006, respectively.

Since 2002 he was affiliated as a PhD candidate with the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, and since 2004 at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, where he is currently an Associate Professor since 2010. From 2007 to 2009 he was a visiting researcher at Michigan State University in USA under a Marie Curie fellowship. His research interests include general signal and image processing, pattern recognition, and biometrics. Since 2016 he is Associate Editor for IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, Elsevier's Information Fusion, and the IEEE Biometrics Council newsletter. Since 2018 he is also Associate Editor for IEEE Trans. on Image Processing.

Prof. Fierrez has been actively involved in multiple EU projects focused on biometrics (e.g. TABULA RASA and BEAT), has attracted notable impact for his research, and is the recipient of a number of distinctions, including: EBF European Biometric Industry Award 2006, EURASIP Best PhD Award 2012, Medal in the Young Researcher Awards 2015 by the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Miguel Catalan Award to the Best Researcher under 40 in the Community of Madrid in the general area of Science and Technology. In 2017 he has been also awarded the IAPR Young Biometrics Investigator Award, given to a single researcher worldwide every two years under the age of 40, whose research work has had a major impact in biometrics.

Selected Talks:

“Human-Computer Interaction for Biometrics”, National Research Center on Mathematics, CIMAT, Guanajuato, Mexico, April 2018. [Web] [Slides]

“Signature Biometrics: State of the Art and Future Prospects”, IAPR/IEEE Winter School on Biometrics, Shenzhen, China, January 2018. [Web] [Slides]

“IAPR Young Biometrics Investigator Award 2017”, IEEE/IAPR Intl. Joint Conf. on Biometrics, IJCB, Colorado, USA, October 2017. [Web] [Slides]

“Advances in Face Biometrics: Towards Uncontrolled Scenarios”, Accenture Analytics and Beers, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain, April 2017. [Video] [Slides]

“On Multiple Q-Metrics for Schengen Information System II”, European Commission, Joint Research Centre Workshop on Fingerprint Quality in the Context of SIS-II, Ispra, Italy, May 2016. [Report] [Slides]

“Indirect Attacks on Biometric Systems”, NISLab Workshop, Gjovik, Norway, March 2015. [Web] [Slides]

“Challenges of Fingerprint Biometrics for Forensics”, Intl. Workshop on Emerging Techniques and Challenges for Hand-Based Biometrics, ICPR Workshop, IEEE Press, Istanbul, Turkey, August 2010. [Proceedings] [Slides]

“Multimodal Biometric Databases”, IAPR/IEEE Intl. Summer School for Advanced Studies on Biometrics, Alghero, Italy, June 2009. [Web] [Slides]

“Toward Intelligent Enrollment in Biometrics, with Case Studies in Keytroke and Signature Biometrics”, Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA, August 2008. [Web] [Slides]

“Incorporating Biometric Quality in User-Dependent Multimodal Biometric Authentication”, EAB Biometrics Industry Award, Brussels, Belgium, October 2006. [Web] [Slides]

“Incorporating Biometric Quality in Multi-Biometrics”, NIST Biometric Quality Workshop, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, March 2006. [Web] [Slides]

Selected Publications:

J. Fierrez, A. Morales, R. Vera-Rodriguez and D. Camacho, "Multiple Classifiers in Biometrics. Part 2: Trends and Challenges", Information Fusion, November 2018. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

J. Fierrez, A. Pozo, M. Martinez-Diaz, J. Galbally and A. Morales, "Benchmarking Touchscreen Biometrics for Mobile Authentication", IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, October 2018. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

E. Gonzalez-Sosa, J. Fierrez, R. Vera-Rodriguez and F. Alonso-Fernandez, "Facial Soft Biometrics for Recognition in the Wild: Recent Works, Annotation and COTS Evaluation", IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, August 2018. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

R. Tolosana, R. Vera-Rodriguez, J. Fierrez and J. Ortega-Garcia, "Exploring Recurrent Neural Networks for On-Line Handwritten Signature Biometrics", IEEE Access, February 2018. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

E. Gonzalez-Sosa, R. Vera-Rodriguez, J. Fierrez and V. M. Patel, "Exploring Body Shape from mmW Images for Person Recognition", IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, September 2017. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

M. Gomez-Barrero, E. Maiorana, J. Galbally, P. Campisi and J. Fierrez, "Multi-Biometric Template Protection Based on Homomorphic Encryption", Pattern Recognition, July 2017. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

R. Tolosana, R. Vera-Rodriguez, J. Fierrez, A. Morales and J. Ortega-Garcia, "Benchmarking Desktop and Mobile Handwriting across COTS Devices: the e-BioSign Biometric Database", PLOS ONE, May 2017. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

A. Morales, J. Fierrez, R. Tolosana, J. Ortega-Garcia, J. Galbally, M. Gomez-Barrero, A. Anjos and S. Marcel, "Keystroke Biometrics Ongoing Competition", IEEE Access, November 2016. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

M. Martinez-Diaz, J. Fierrez and J. Galbally, "Graphical Password-based User Authentication with Free-Form Doodles", IEEE Trans. on Human-Machine Systems, August 2016. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

A. Hadid, N. Evans, S. Marcel and J. Fierrez, "Biometrics Systems under Spoofing Attack: An Evaluation Methodology and Lessons Learned", IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, September 2015. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

J. Galbally, S. Marcel and J. Fierrez, "Biometric Anti-spoofing Methods: A Survey in Face Recognition", IEEE Access, December 2014. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

M. Martinez-Diaz, J. Fierrez, R. P. Krish and J. Galbally, "Mobile Signature Verification: Feature Robustness and Performance Comparison", IET Biometrics, December 2014. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

P. Tome, J. Fierrez, R. Vera-Rodriguez and M. Nixon, "Soft Biometrics and their Application in Person Recognition at a Distance", IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, March 2014. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

J. Galbally, S. Marcel and J. Fierrez, "Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection: Application to Iris, Fingerprint and Face Recognition", IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, February 2014. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

R. Vera-Rodriguez, J. Mason, J. Fierrez et al., "Comparative Analysis and Fusion of Spatio-Temporal Information for Footstep Recognition", IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, April 2013. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

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F. Alonso-Fernandez, J. Fierrez et al., "A Comparative Study of Fingerprint Image-Quality Estimation Methods", IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, December 2007. [PDF] [Bibtex][DOI]

J. Fierrez, J. Ortega-Garcia, D. Ramos and J. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, "HMM-Based On-line Signature Verification: Feature Extraction and Signature Modeling", Pattern Recognition Letters, December 2007. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

D. Ramos-Castro, J. Fierrez-Aguilar, J. Gonzalez-Rodriguez and J. Ortega-Garcia, "Speaker Verification using Speaker- and Test-dependent Fast Score Normalization", Pattern Recognition Letters, January 2007. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

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J. Ortega-Garcia, J. Fierrez-Aguilar et al., "MCYT Baseline Corpus: A Bimodal Biometric Database", IEE Proc. Vision, Image and Signal Processing, December 2003. [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

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